C&B Material Handling Recognized as Top Dealer and Distributor

In a testament to their innovative solutions and customer-focused approach, C&B Material Handling has been named the Top Material Handling Dealer & Distributor by Logistics & Transportation Review magazine. This prestigious honor highlights C&B’s leadership in providing cutting-edge material handling equipment, automation systems, and services to businesses across industries.

Since launching their dedicated material handling division in 2021, C&B has rapidly established itself as a premier single-source partner for all material movement and storage needs. By offering a comprehensive suite spanning forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors, robotics and more, they enable clients to streamline operations and drive greater efficiency.

What truly sets C&B Material Handling apart is their ability to integrate traditional equipment like forklifts with advanced automated solutions under one roof. As president Kent Senf stated, “We are one of a few suppliers who can combine forklifts and cutting-edge automation into seamless, future-proof systems for our clients.”

This forward-thinking vision, combined with a relentless focus on understanding and addressing each customer’s unique challenges, allows C&B to deliver tangible impacts on operational performance. Their holistic solutions not only solve current pain points but are designed to adapt to evolving business needs over time.

The award from Logistics & Transportation Review validates C&B Material Handling’s reputation for resourcefulness and exceptional problem-solving abilities. For example, they recently stepped in to get a client’s new conveyor and sorting system up and running reliably after issues with the original supplier. Thanks to their swift interventions, C&B is now that company’s trusted partner across multiple production facilities.

Central to C&B’s success is their rich industry heritage, with a leadership team bringing over 70 years of combined experience from top material handling and agriculture companies. This seasoned expertise allows C&B to continually innovate while upholding a culture of integrity centered on the motto “It is what we say it is.”

For businesses seeking a future-proof material handling partner with world-class solutions and a customer-centric approach, the Logistics & Transportation Review honor confirms C&B Material Handling as the top choice. Their ability to move material efficiently today while preparing operations for tomorrow’s challenges is simply unmatched.