Mechanical Dock Levelers

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Optimize your loading dock productivity with the durable, high-performing Kelley CM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler. Available in nine sizes from 6’ x 6’ to 7’ x 10’, these dock levelers are designed to suit your specific requirements.

The CM Series is engineered for exceptional durability. Features like the unlimited float hold-down reduce the force needed to walk the leveler down, decreasing wear and tear over the lifetime of the equipment. This results in lower overall ownership costs compared to standard mechanical dock levelers.

With the rugged Kelley CM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler, you can count on smooth, efficient operations shift after shift. The wide range of sizes allows you to outfit your loading dock for maximum productivity, whether you need a smaller 6’ x 6’ model or larger 7’ x 10’ model.

Downtime is minimized thanks to the durable construction. Enhance your loading efficiency with the high-performing, long-lasting Kelley CM Series dock leveler.

Safe TFrame

For decades, all dock levelers installed in a concrete pit have required an installer to place and weld steel shim under the rear frame in order to level the device and provide long-term support.
This conventional process can lead to installation errors, as installers are often working under the leveler in a cramped environment and may not use the correct size shim or weld the shim properly. The result: the leveler can suffer structural fatigue, which may lead to expensive repair or replacement.


 * Greater structural strength & durability
* Reduce installation issues common with conventional dock levelers
* Ensures level transition from warehouse floor to dock leveler
* Rule out premature structural fatigue due to improperly shimmed/installed dock leveler

Unlimited Float Hold Down

The unlimited float hold-down makes Kelley’s CM
Dock Leveler simple to operate and require less force to walk down into position to help maximize operational efficiency.
This unique design produces less wear on components, is more dependable than ordinary float spring models and has an overall lower lifetime cost of ownership than conventional mechanical dock levelers.

HYDRA-CAM Lip Assembly

The CM Series Dock Leveler is equipped with a yieldable lip that gently extends at the top of the upward ramp movement due to the Hydra-Cam lip control mechanism.
The Lip remains extended until the operator starts to walk the leveler down, while a hydraulic shock absorbing cylinder controls the lip’s rate of descent as the ramp lowers into position.

Kelley mechanical dock leveler
Kelley hydraulic dock leveler

Need Kelley Dock Leveler Parts?
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