Vertical Conveyor Systems

C & B Material Handling provides customized vertical conveyor solutions to safely and efficiently lift materials within your facility. Our experienced team engineers industrial vertical lifts tailored to your specific size, space, and lifting needs. Whether you require a freight elevator, dumbwaiter, pneumatic tube system, or other vertical conveyor, C & B Material Handling has the expertise to design and build a material lift that solves your most challenging material handling applications. Trust C & B Material Handling to create an efficient vertical conveyor system optimized for your operations.

Mechanical Vertical Lift

C & B Material Handling offers rugged mechanical vertical lifts to move loads of any size smoothly and safely. Our chain and sprocket drive systems provide steady travel and gentle stops at multiple levels. We design custom mechanical lifts as pallet lifts, box lifts, tote lifts, or large machinery lifts to match your material handling needs. With load capacities from 100 pounds to over 200,000 pounds, our lifts are engineered for demanding, high-frequency usage.

Vertical lift

Hydraulic Vertical Lift

C & B Material Handling offers hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) as a two-level lifting solution. Our hydraulic lifts use fluid power to raise and lower materials with capacities ranging from 10 pounds to 6,000 pounds. Engineered for up to 10 cycles per hour or 100 cycles per day, our hydraulic VRCs provide reliable low- to mid-frequency lifting. Whether you need to move light loads between floors or lift heavier materials between two manufacturing processes, C & B Material Handling can design a custom hydraulic lift to fit your application.

C & B Material Handling Locations

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