Vertical Dock Levelers

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As climate-controlled warehouses become more prevalent, companies require solutions to maintain clean, efficient, and sustainable operations. Products like Kelley Vertical Dock Levelers and HRL Hydraulic Rail Levelers enable optimized workflows while promoting safety and sustainability.

Kelley’s Vertical Dock Levelers allow for an inward-opening trailer door design that provides multiple benefits. With the doors opening inward after parking at the dock, less cool air escapes the trailer, reducing energy costs. Theft is deterred with limited access to parked trailers. Loading and unloading times improve as well.

Overall, the Kelley Vertical Dock Leveler optimizes the dock workflow. Combined with the HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler for accessible trailer access, these products empower businesses to maximize productivity and sustainability. The inward-opening trailer door design enabled by the Vertical Leveler minimizes energy waste, theft, and loading times.

As climate-controlled warehouse environments become the norm, Kelley’s Vertical and Hydraulic Rail Levelers promote efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Innovative products like these allow companies to optimize their warehouse workflows.

Kelley rail dock vertical leveler system


The Kelley HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler optimizes rail car access for more streamlined loading and unloading. Sharing the same vertical storage and safety attributes as the vertical dock leveler, the HRL model adds mobility on a track system for lateral positioning. This rail leveler can also have a manual or hydraulic side shift installed for accurate alignment inside the rail car. Overall, the HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler improves efficiency and ease of operation for rail-based warehouse tasks.

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