Kelley loading dock seal

Loading Dock Seals

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Kelley Loading Dock Seals are an essential solution for productive, efficient, and safe warehouse operations. These dock seals create a protective barrier against external conditions at loading docks.

For climate-controlled and cold storage facilities, Kelley dock seals are critical for maintaining energy efficiency. By sealing the gap between the trailer and warehouse, cooled air is retained inside the building. Dock seals prevent outside air from entering, allowing climate control systems to operate optimally.

The protective barrier formed by Kelley Loading Dock Seals also promotes safety and uninterrupted operations. Drafts and temperature changes are blocked from disrupting warehouse environments. With a sealed, insulated dock, operations can continue unaffected by any weather conditions. Rain, snow, wind, or other external forces are kept outside where they belong.

Kelley Loading Dock Seals enable maximum productivity and energy savings. The protective seals maintain cooled environments, block drafts and weather, and allow operations to proceed smoothly no matter the conditions outside. Kelley dock seals are an essential asset for safe, efficient, and sustainable warehouse facilities.


  • Standard
  • Inflatable
  • L-Pad Dock
  • V-Seal Dock Seal
Kelley loading dock seal