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What Is Material Handling?

This is our C & B Material Handling blog where we cover topics across all areas of material handling – from complex automated robotic systems to equipment specifications to the latest industry trends. With decades of experience in the material handling industry, our team brings valuable insights and expertise to discuss innovations in conveyors, racking, automated guided vehicles, cranes, hoists, and more.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your warehouse operations, invest in new technologies, or stay up-to-date on material handling best practices, this blog has got you covered. We’ll dive deep into the features and benefits of various equipment and software solutions. We’ll break down real-world case studies and applications. And we’ll analyze the impacts of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, sensors, and the Industrial Internet of Things on supply chain efficiency.

Our goal is to be your number one resource for all things related to moving, protecting, storing and retrieving goods and optimizing materials flow. So bookmark our site, subscribe to email updates, or follow us on social media. And contact our team to get personalized insights and recommendations for leveraging material handling solutions in your operations. We look forward to discussing the future of the industry with you!