Hydraulic Dock Levelers

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Boost loading dock productivity with the efficient, automated HP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler. This innovative leveler optimizes workflow with push-button activation and automatic lip extension for smooth, quiet performance.

The HP Series’ unique Gravity LipTM Extension technology automatically extends the lip as the dock descends. This ensures a seamless transition of the leveler into trailers without manual intervention. By automating lip deployment, the process is effortless for operators and trailer transition is smooth.

Designed to enhance any busy dock, the HP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler offers the ultimate in efficient operation. With just the push of a button, the automated leveler smoothly deploys, allowing workers to focus on loading and unloading. The automatic lip extension guarantees a flush, efficient crossover every time. When workflow matters, maximize dock productivity with the automation and seamless performance of the HP Series.

Kelley electric over hydraulic dock leveler
Kelley electric over hydraulic dock leveler
Kelley electric over hydraulic dock leveler

Need Kelley Dock Leveler Parts?
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