Kelley dock shelters

Dock Shelters

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Kelley Dock Shelters provide complete weather protection at loading docks without restricting vehicle access. These durable, flexible structures shield interior spaces from rain, wind, snow, and other harsh elements.

The dock shelters allow for continued productivity by keeping personnel, inventory, and equipment safe from exterior conditions. For climate-controlled warehouses, the shelters also retain cooled air to maximize energy efficiency. Built to withstand years of force from backing trailers, Kelley Dock Shelters enable smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Unlike dock doors or seals, Kelley Dock Shelters allow full vehicle maneuverability even when fully deployed. The flexible design seals off the loading area from weather while giving trucks ample room to back in. There’s no need to sacrifice protection or access.

Kelley Dock Shelters optimize loading dock weather defense and energy savings without limiting trailer movement. Durable and adaptable, these shelters promote safety, productivity, and sustainability. Kelley Dock Shelters keep warehouses running in any climate.


  • Inflatable Rail Shelter
  • WeatherAll Dock Shelter
  • RIGID Dock Shelter
  • FLEXFRAME Shelter
  • BLOCKADE Shelter
  • FOAMSIDE Shelter
  • AQUASHIELD Rain Sealing System
  • Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Mechanical Rail Shelter