Overhead ribbed steel door

Ribbed Steel Overhead Doors

C & B Material Handling has the equipment and expertise to fulfill all your warehouse needs, no matter the size. We supply and service dock equipment, doors, and more to optimize workflow and efficiency. Our experienced team can design solutions for large or small facilities. Depend on C & B for full-service warehouse and material handling.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality ribbed steel overhead doors for over 60 years. Now businesses and homeowners can get these durable, energy-efficient doors installed by the experts at C & B.

The ribbed panel design gives C.H.I. doors incredible strength and insulation power. Constructed from heavy-gauge galvanized steel with a baked-on finish, the ribbed sections lock tightly together to provide wind-load resistance and noise reduction. The ribs also create an insulated airspace within the panels to improve energy efficiency.

C.H.I. offers many customization options as well, from window designs that allow in natural light to decorative hardware and trims to enhance aesthetics. C & B’s installation professionals have the expertise to tailor C.H.I. ribbed steel doors to meet the exact specifications required, whether for residential garages or commercial facilities.

With over 25 years of experience providing garage door products and services, C & B is the smart choice for new C.H.I. ribbed steel overhead door installation or repair and maintenance on existing doors. Their technicians are highly trained to handle these quality doors made by an industry-leading manufacturer. Contact C & B today to request a quote!

Overhead ribbed steel door
Overhead ribbed steel door

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