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Hyundai Forklift is a full-line supplier of high-performance forklifts including, diesel, electric and LPG-powered models. Their load capacities range anywhere from 2,200 – 55,000 lbs.

Types of Equipment Offered

  • LPG Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Diesel Forklifts
Hyundai forklifts in warehouse

In-stock Hyundai Inventory

Hyundai is a trusted C & B Material Handling brand. They’re a full-line supplier of high-performance forklifts with load capacities that range anywhere from 2,200 – 55,000 lbs.

Important Notice for Hyundai Forklift Owners

Hyundai has identified certain forklift models sold between 2008-2018 that require a replacement data plate. Please consult the list below to see if your forklift qualifies. If it does, contact your authorized Hyundai dealer right away and let them know you need the new data plate under the “Data Plate Campaign.”

If you bought your Hyundai forklift after 2019, you don’t need to do anything – your dealer will proactively reach out if your forklift requires the updated data plate. This campaign is to provide owners with corrected information for their units. Check the list now or call your Hyundai dealer to see if action is required.

Find Your Forklift’s True Cost

Choosing the right forklift is tough. Our True Cost Calculator makes it easy by comparing electric, LP gas, and diesel models to fit your needs. Input your usage data to analyze fuel, maintenance, and productivity costs. The calculator will identify which power source – electric, LP gas or diesel – offers the best total cost of ownership for your situation.

See if electric can save you money long-term while enhancing productivity. Or find out if gas or diesel is more economical. Make your next forklift investment with confidence using our interactive True Cost Calculator.

Boost Forklift Productivity with Hi-Mate

Maximize your forklift uptime and efficiency using Hi-Mate – Hyundai’s advanced remote fleet management system. Hi-Mate gives you real-time visibility into every truck in your fleet from anywhere. Track usage metrics, get preventative maintenance alerts, and quickly troubleshoot issues without waiting around for a technician. With Hi-Mate, you can remotely monitor and manage your Hyundais to optimize productivity. Less downtime means moving more product and making the most of every operator shift. Take your fleet’s performance to the next level with Hi-Mate fleet optimization from Hyundai.

C & B Material Handling Locations

Need to find a C & B Material Handling location near you? Use our interactive map to find the one that’s most convenient for you.