Rolling commercial fire-rated overhead door

Fire Rated Overhead Doors

C & B Material Handling has the equipment and expertise to fulfill all your warehouse needs, no matter the size. We supply and service dock equipment, doors, and more to optimize workflow and efficiency. Our experienced team can design solutions for large or small facilities. Depend on C & B for full-service warehouse and material handling.

Our roll-up fire doors deliver reliable fire protection you can count on. Backed by practical drop testing, these doors ensure compliance and predictable performance when you need it most.

Execute convenient and repeatable fire door drop tests with ease. Doors are available in a range of gauges, slat profiles, and color options to suit your application. Equip your facility with fail-safe time-delayed release and advanced warning systems including smoke detectors, alarms, and visual alerts.

In a crisis, our fire doors respond positively to prevent damage and protect lives. Their reliable, repeatable functionality gives you complete confidence that fire protection measures will deploy on time, every time. Trust our roll-up doors to meet all your fire compliance needs while providing the ultimate in dependable operation.

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