NAS Air-Powered Dock Leveler

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Introducing NOVA’s NAS Air-Powered Dock Leveler: Effortless Operation and Minimal Maintenance

Experience seamless loading and unloading with NOVA’s NAS Air-Powered Dock Leveler. This innovative solution harnesses the power of a low-pressure, high-volume air system to raise and lower the platform with utmost precision. A single push-button is all it takes to activate the air-powered system, effortlessly raising the leveler and extending the lip.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the NAS Air-Powered Dock Leveler boasts a remarkably reliable design that demands only minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to complex mechanisms and embrace the convenience of a hassle-free operation. With its user-friendly interface and robust construction, this dock leveler ensures a seamless loading experience while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


  • Environmentally friendly air operated system provides for full float at all positions
  • Easy push-button activation
  • Single-phase 115V motor with simple button control
  • B410-14 laminated dock bumpers
  • Automatic lip extension with yieldable lip
  • Low maintenance design
  • Full-width rear hinge
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut
  • 5-year warranty


• Deck and lip are constructed of 50,000 minimum PSI yield A572
safety tread plate
• Deck is reinforced with all structural beams welded to deck and front
and rear header for maximum deck support
• 25K-40K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high “C”
• 45K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high structural
• 55K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high structural
channel and I-beams
• 75K-100K units: Platform supported by full-length 8-inch high
structural channel and I-beams
• Regenerative main and lip cylinders provide dual-sided lubrication
for all hydraulic seals
• Full-width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural
channel support
• Continuous hinge design with grease fittings and dock bumpers
included as standard with each unit
• Laminated loadi

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