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C & B Material Handling has the equipment and expertise to fulfill all your warehouse needs, no matter the size. We supply and service dock equipment, doors, and more to optimize workflow and efficiency. Our experienced team can design solutions for large or small facilities. Depend on C & B for full-service warehouse and material handling.

Crafting Excellence: NOVA’s Commitment to Quality

At NOVA, our dedicated production team takes immense pride in their workmanship, meticulously combining superior design principles with carefully selected, premium-grade raw materials. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures the manufacture of products that epitomize optimal quality and performance.

Recognizing the diverse needs of modern facilities, we offer a comprehensive range of seals and shelters tailored to accommodate varying vehicle types, door sizes, dock heights, driveway grades, dock traffic volumes, and weather conditions. With our versatile product lineup, you can rest assured that NOVA has the perfect solution to seamlessly integrate into your unique operational environment.

Foam Pad Dock Seal

FP Dock Seal — the foam-filled head pad and side pads provide a tight,
energy-efficient seal between the trailer and dock wall providing protection from
inclement weather, dirt and insect infiltration.

Foam Pad Universal Dock Seal

Foam Pad Universal Dock Seal—accommodates larger doors and features foam-filled head and side pads that provide a positive seal. The tight, energy-efficient seal between the trailer and dock wall protects the dock from inclement weather, dirt and insect infiltration.

Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

Rigid Frame Dock Shelter by NOVA offers maximum dock protection, full trailer access, & durable construction. Features wear-resistant fabric with double lock-stitched seams, bottom corner draft pads, reinforced corners, wind retention straps, 36″ drop head curtain with fiberglass stays. Raked translucent fiberglass header provides natural light, water drainage & snow load support while minimizing building wall pressure.

Soft Sided Dock Shelter

The Soft Sided Dock Shelter — provides maximum dock protection and full access to trailers while minimizing pressure on the building wall. The SS Dock Shelter has soft foam sides for added flexibility and is able to compress and bend out of the way of a truck that approaches the doorway off-center or misaligns with the dock. It is designed to be pliable to prevent damage, downtime and costly repairs.

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