Nova Lock and load Vehicle Restraint

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Introducing NOVA’s Lock & Load™ Vehicle Restraint: Unparalleled Safety and Durability

Designed to enhance safety and minimize risk during loading and unloading operations, NOVA’s Lock & Load™ is a hook-style vehicle restraint that securely anchors the trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) to the dock. With its spring-loaded housing that lowers upon truck contact and a carriage that automatically adjusts to accommodate trailer float, the Lock & Load™ ensures a seamless and secure connection.

Setting itself apart from competitors, the Lock & Load™ boasts an enhanced design featuring a patented Triple Range Hook, outperforming conventional hook-style restraints in terms of performance and reliability. Offering an impressive engagement range of 9 to 31 inches, this innovative restraint mounts above ground level on the dock face, effectively avoiding accumulated precipitation and debris.

Engineered for longevity, the Lock & Load™ incorporates an elevated installation that shields it from harsh elements, while watertight connectors and zinc plating provide superior corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable operation even in the most demanding environments.


      • Hook is upwardly biased and rotates to increase engagement if contacted by the RIG when trailer shifts during loading and unloading
      • Roller slope extension eliminates gouging and marking on the dock approach surface
      • Gear motor operates for a total of three seconds for the full cycle of restraining and releasing a vehicle
      • Only uses electricity when engaging or disengaging the rotating hook
      • Hook maintains engagement with the RIG, even if power is lost
      • PLC-based control box provides maintenance diagnostics
      • Control box includes key pad for override as standard
      • LED lights are standard for energy efficiency and long life
      • Includes a 5-year warranty

Lock-Up Vehicle Restraint

NOVA’s patented Lock-Up™ Vehicle Restraint secures containers, trailers & RIG bars. Spring-loaded housing adjusts to contact & float. Roller slope extension prevents pavement damage.

Truck Lock – 350 Series – Flange Style

NOVA Truck Lock™ restraint secures trucks/trailers with 30,000 lb. ram bar. Flange housing anchors to concrete for easy relocation. Zinc-plated for durability.

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