NMS Mechanical Dock Leveler

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Unveiling NOVA’s NMS Mechanical Dock Leveler: Durability Meets Affordability

Experience unparalleled reliability and robust construction with NOVA’s NMS Mechanical Dock Leveler. This full-featured leveler combines exceptional performance with a budget-friendly price tag. Effortless pull-chain operation, coupled with a yieldable flip-out lip and comprehensive below-dock end load controls, ensures a smooth and efficient loading process. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily operations, this dock leveler offers a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking a high-quality, cost-effective solution.


  • Patented holdown assembly allows for full float and automatic release capability with air ride trailers, preventing failure or damage from overextension
  • Simple operation with a cam and roller counterbalance system assures smooth dependable walk down
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut that also allows convenient servicing of the lip
  • Yieldable flip lip w/dampened return
  • Single point spring adjustment
  • 5-year warranty


• Deck and lip are constructed of 50,000 minimum PSI yield A572
safety tread plate
• Deck is reinforced with all structural beams welded to deck and
front and rear header for maximum deck support
• 25K-40K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high “C”
• 45K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high structural
• 55K units: Platform supported by full-length 6-inch high structural
channel and I-beams
• Full-width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural
channel support
• Continuous hinge design with grease fittings and dock bumpers
included as standard with each unit
• Laminated loading dock bumpers protect dock face and leveler
from truck damage
• Lip hinge pins are M1044 steel 1-inch in diameter

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