Bobcat B16X-7 Plus | B18X-7 | B20X-7



Electric Counter Balance

Four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts from Bobcat continue our tradition of delivering impressive performance.

  • Small chassis goes where others can’t
  • 48-volt power
  • Pneumatic tires for a smoother ride in outdoor conditions
  • Available fingertip controls
  • Operator Sensing System (OSS)
  • Controlled comfort
  • Four-wheel forklifts excel in both performance and value for every customer
  • Crafted with precision, the operator compartment ensures unyielding control, enhancing productivity while minimizing stress and fatigue
  • Enjoy enhanced visibility and ergonomic hydraulic controls in our thoughtfully designed operator compartment
  • Advanced tech and extended maintenance intervals reduce overall ownership costs, making for a savvy investment
  • Experience an unmatched fusion of power and dependability with our cutting-edge AC control systems
  • Select customizable components cater to operator needs, granting ultimate control and peak productivity


Weight Capacity3,000 lbs