Bobcat BR18SP-7 Plus | BR20SP-7 Plus | BOP15S-9



Stand-Up Rider

Maneuver narrow aisles quickly and easily. Introducing Bobcat’s all-new high level order picker.

  • Small chassis size is perfect for narrow aisles
  • 3,000-pound capacity
  • 24-volt AC system
  • Stable mast and operator platform
  • Height and descent proximity sensors
  • Mast side thrust rollers
  • Eight height presets
  • Available mast heights up to 300 inches
  • Operational enhancements

The high-level order picker from Bobcat elevates performance and safety.

  • Unyielding mast channels empower operators for enhanced comfort and unmatched confidence, boosting productivity.
  • Built-in speed monitoring ensures smooth end-of-cycle transitions, minimizing jolts for a seamless experience.
  • Hydraulic accumulators collaborate for shock absorption mastery, providing a consistently comfortable operation.
  • Ingeniously positioned side rollers curb lateral platform movement, delivering precision and stability.
  • Mast pads counter unintended forward/backward movement, prioritizing operator safety and comfort.
  • With three travel modes, eight height presets and electric power steering, exceptional productivity is packed into this compact powerhouse.


Weight Capacity3,000 lbs